The Orobouros

When The War of the Magi awoke the dragons, many went and joined the wars, fighting for good or evil as their nature befit.

The oldest, wisest, and most powerful of the dragons, the Great Wyrms, knew that the world, no, the fabric of reality could not take much more.

They came together, far from the eyes of men, to discuss what was happening, and how the world may be saved. They formed The Orobouros, the council of wyrms, the deciders of fate. They parlayed with the Inevitables, ended the wars, and brought peace to the land. Where they are to be found now, no-one knows, though it is presumed on mountain tops or the bottom of the oceans.

Though the dragons are gone, the Order of Orobouros remains. Guided by the philosophies of their forebears, the Orobouros frequently wander, spreading peace and foiling chaos wherever it is found. In most large cities, and dotted across the landscape, are monasteries and dojos devoted to the draconic arts.

The eldest of the order stay in their monasteries, contemplating in meditation on the will of the dragons, and the chaos of the past. Visions of dragons come to them in peaceful silence, and give instructions to be disseminated amongst the order. Few know the full plans of the Order, or if there even is an overarching goal.

Monks, Samurai, Ninja, and Shugenja follow the Order of Orobouros, many venerate Bai Mei and Guan Yu, and all are uncompromising in their duty to the Draconic Accord.

There are whispered rumours of a similar, yet hidden group, that seek to further chaos and evil in the land, yet few have encountered them and lived.

The Orobouros

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