The Inquisition

Many groups and individuals are not happy with the Draconic Accord and the rules of state. Some wish to gain power from the arcane, or desire to subdue another nation for it’s beliefs. Some even plot with the ruinous powers against the throne, or seek council with witches and the lawless.

No matter what dark ambitions are in their hearts, it is shared with an equally large fear: The Inquisition.

The Inquisition was formed to root out those who refuse the follow the new order, and maintain law to those who see themselves above it. It’s seat of power is in the Capital, and it’s members have the King’s Freedom to roam wherever they need to to fight chaos.

The Inquisition has the following enemies

1. Rogue Mages: Some with magical talent refuse to join The Ark, or leave it to pursue power for themselves. These are some of the most dangerous of foes the Inquisition faces.

2. Ruinous Powers: Those who make dark pacts are also sought out by the inquisition. Many also fall into the above category, though not all.

3. Unlicenced outcasts: Orks, Kobolds, Goblins and the like that are unlicenced, are enemies of the inquisition.

4. Lycanthropes: Lycans are an abomination, a mix of man and the chaos of the wilds. Suffer them not to live.

5. Heretics: There are many who seek to cause dischord in the realm, and creat strife between the nations. Though they may seem pure in heart and action, secretly, they are the most dangerous of foes. Many lords and barons have been taken screaming their innocence to the inquisitorial dungeons.

The Inquisition

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