The Ark

The unbridled power of magic was cause for the ruin of the world, and without check, could easily destroy it again. That check, is The Ark.

Created during the Draconic Accord, the Ark was designed to keep the power of mages away from the rest of the world. Only magical activities within The Ark are allowed, and The Ark aids the kingdom in finding and rooting out those wishing harm to The Realm.

Other than research and housing facilities, The Ark is not allowed to own lands, slaves, or property outside of what is required to continue and maintain their services. Members may own property for themselves, but may not be landowners outside of their own personal domains. Most importantly, anyone of a noble house must give up membership of the house in order to become a mage. No mage may have a hard government position, though soft positions like Court Mage and Vizier are acceptable.

Offices of The Ark are found in every large town, and Wizards towers dot the land.

The Ark as a whole is not allowed to get involved in the politics of nations, they are a apolitical entity that exists for research and profit.

Profit: The Ark is, essentially a mercenary guild. As all mages are of The Ark, all magical services are contracted out. From Hedge Wizards to recharge magicite, Oracles to divine the future, even powerful batlemages to level enemy armies, all of it is available for a price. All contracts must go through The Ark, mages can not be commisioned directly for work, unless they are part of a group. Contracts go to The Ark, and then The Ark will send a mage, or put it up on the job board.

Research: The second thing The Ark does, is research and teaching. Study halls, Librariums, and all sorts of arcane secrets are found within The Arks facilities. The Ark often teams up with The Reclaimers, to explore ancient crypts and ruins. Trinkets, books, and relics are all brought back to The Ark to be disseminated and pored over.

The Ark is aware of spell levels, referred to as Spheres of Ascendancy.

Wizards, Magus’s, and Adepts: These classes all belong to The Ark, as The Ark is the only practical way to learn magic. The Ark also dictates what spells are illegal, and teaches the dangers of dark magics

Sorceror, Summoner, Warmage Magic manifests in strange ways, and for some, it is in their blood. As such, finding and sanctioning those with sorcerous talents is an important part of The Ark, as a Sorceror without guidance will often cause terrible harm to those around him. Those with inborn talent will be taken to The Ark as soon as they are found, and raised within. After 9 years, 9 months, and 9 days, and Apprentice will recieve his Sanctioning, and be allowed out of The Arks care and supervision. Taught to harness their power, and how to not go too far, Sorcerors are a powerful tool of The Ark, but a constant liability, as they are the most easily led to temptation.

Summoners are trained the arts of summoning by The Ark, and how to resist temptation of the Dark Arts. Many a summoner has used daemonic power to enhance their summonings, only to lose control of it and die by it’s hand.

Internally, warning of the Dark Arts, and cautioning those who leave it’s walls are a major concern and priority of The Ark. Those found succombing to Temptation will be ejected from The Ark and hunted down.

The Ark is the primary purchaser of magical items, books, and gear. The Ark will give a percentage of what the item is worth, based on it’s rarity. For high end items, this will be significantly higher than the 50% standard.

The Ark

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