Magicite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral found deep underground. It is not very hard, and can not hold an edge. It does however, hold the unique trait of being able to hold a magical charge. The downside of being magically absorbent though, is that it can not be detected, and thus must be found and mined traditionally. Magicite comes in a rock form and a crystal, similar to carbon. Magicite stone is quite soft, and ill suited for arms and armour. Crystal isn’t much more durable, though it’s capacity for magic is staggering.

All the magical technologies of the realm have magicite at their core, from the lifts in mages towers, to the clocks in a village’s square. It’s usefulness combined with it’s relative difficulty in acquiring, make it quite valuable.

Occasionally, in places of great magic or where ley lines meet, magicite crystals can be found jutting out of the surface in a patch of spires. Legendarily, at the end of a thrice-bourne eclipse, a magicite bloom will appear at the focal point of the moons. It is said ancient civilisations were able to anticipate where these blooms would appear, and build sacred sites in anticipation of the Darkest Night.

The purest magicite is said to be able to channel the energies of gods, and is only found in the hands of Dragons, Archmages, and Kings. It is absolutely priceless, and wars have been fought over shards of it.

Magicite stone is a common, greyish stone with the feeling of soapstone. It is easily worked, and can hold a mild magical charge. Powdered magicite is mixed with reagents and draughts for potions, or blended with ink for writing scrolls. Ammunition, wands and most industrial uses of magic make use of magicite parts. For example, an animated statue might have cogs and gears of magicite stone, or a magical amulet may have a chunk attuned for a particular enhancement.

Magicite stone can not hold a very strong charge, and it is easily expended. Keeping magicite devices running is a common task for Adepts and hedge Wizards.

Pure powdered magicite stone is approx 600 gp a pound, twice the price of Adamantine. Solid chunks will vary based on size and purity, but will typically go for more.

Magicite crystal is very rarely found in veins of magicite rock, and occasionally found blossoming up out of the ground in high magic areas. Often temples or shrines are built around them, with the magicite gardens tended to, so the crystals can grow, and pieces harvested slowly. Magicite crystals are required for magical staves, some wands, ioun stones, and powerful weaponry. Any magical item that is permanent, likely has a crystal in it.

Magicite crystals never naturally lose their charge, a magicite wheel will spin forever. However, if a crystal has been infused with magic and burnt completely out, such as in a staff or magicite cannon, the crystal becomes next to useless, a husk of it’s former glory. Trinkets of burned out crystal are often sold as a curiosity item in town markets, and there are many snake oils with it as an ingredient.

Magicite crystal is dangerous to be around, absorbing the life force and energy of those around it. it takes specially trained and conditioned Shrine Maidens to attend to the blooms, and equally specialist artificers to craft and make things from it.

Magicite Crystal is typically not for sale, one would request a shard from The Ark, or find one themselves.


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