Healing Magic

Healing in D&D doesn’t make any sense at all. d8+1 damage will heal a peasant thats been ripped open, but probably won’t fix a bruise on a 15th level fighter.

So, here’s how I want it.

Cure Light wounds – d4x Targets hit dice
Cure Moderate Wounds – d6x Targets hit dice
Cure Serious Wounds – d8x Targets hit dice
Cure Critical Wounds – d10x Targets hit dice
Heal – 10 x Targets hit dice.

Example: After a battle in town, Theresa the Cleric needs to heal Sir Renaldo the Adequate, a 6th level fighter, as well as Noddy, their 2nd level hireling. Casting cure moderate wounds on both, it would do 6d6 healing on Renaldo, and 2d6 on Noddy.

Assuming Renaldo was not fully healed yet, Theresa casts a cure light wounds, healing 6d4 more points of damage.

Healing Magic

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