The Reclaimers

Even with The War of the Magi in the past, society is still re-building itself, and there are many lost wonders to be found. When it comes to rediscovering lost lands, recovering a powerful relic, or even purging a forgotten crypt, The Reclaimers are the ones to go to. Rogues, Gunslingers, Fighters and Bards are frequent within The Reclaimers, though all classes have their share of members.

They are the adventurers guild, sell-swords and explorers alike. Vast tracts of the world are still unexplored, and “surprises” from the war still continue to pop up. The Reclaimers pay well, and have good logistical support. Members are allowed to keep anything they find, and a percentage of the property value. Those fresh in the organization often stick to the job board, but hardy adventurers will take on the role of “Wanderer”, roaming the world exploring and fighting as they see fit.

The reclaimers often overlap with The Ark, both in membership and contracts. Ark Members are allowed to be Reclaimers, though they have a responisbility to bring anything of interest to the Ark. As well, Ark Members are allowed to keep their full share of Reclaimer rewards.

Various groups have a vested interest in the many strongholds and ruins around the lands. When a group of reclaimers clear out a dungeon, ownership of the ruins goes to the guild, which sells it, and gives a share of profits to the adventurers who explored it. In essence, adventurers get paid a commission to go adventure.

A groups first quest will be “on the house”, and is a trial by fire to join The Reclaimers. Alternatively, one can pay 5000 gp to become an “honourary member”, as is popular amongst the nobility.

Adventurers start as “C” class, and move up through B, A, and finally S. Members have various perks based on their rank within the organization.

The Reclaimers

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