Common Races

Humans – Humans are pretty standard, though there are definitely different cultures and ideas based on the country. In The Days Before, Humanity began between Concordia and Alexandria, before spreading out into Reme and the other territories. Humans from Al-Kharesh have dark skin, whereas those from Sukarno are the palest. Those from Volska tend to be tall and hardy, whereas Alexandria vastly depends on the lifestyle and status of the people. Remans tend to travel alot, and thus, have a lot of mixed bloodlines.

Dwarves – The vast majority of dwarves live in Volska, living in the mountains and building fantastic war machines with the help of the Gnomes. Many Dwarves settle in the other lands, usually as smiths or brewmasters, though they tend to be thought of as “second rate” by Volskan dwarves. Mountain strongholds exist all throughout the realm though, as the dwarves take pride in being the defenders of civilisation. It was out of their strongholds that much Humanity came from when The War was over.

Elves – When faced with the Draconic Accord, the idea of seperating magic and state, and having to register with The Ark was unfathomable to them. The most powerful elven mages got together, and combined their power to whisk away the elven people to another plane where they could live amongst themselves in peace. It isn’t known where the portal is, or how they got there. The discovery of the Elven plane is something The Ark discourages, as they know it would only result in bloodshed.

The Wanderers – Most, but not all, of the Elves disappeared after the war. Many still stayed on the material plane, to wander and live amongst the other races. Not having an ancestral homeland, many took up the path of nature, living in the forests and wildlands between cities. The fact that Elves are treated with distrust amongst the general populace doesn’t help either, for some blame the Elves for the war, and many suspect that the Elves remaining know how to get to the Plain of their ancestors. Because Elves often travel, and don’t have a lot of their own kind, they often couple with humans, leaving behind half-elf children.

Gnomes – It is unknown if or how Gnomes are related to Dwarves, but in current times, they are often tied together. Gnome engineering combined with Dwarven craftsmenship has lead to the creation of the most amazing wonders of the realm, from the mighty Warjack, to majestic Airships. Gnomes have a natural magical affinity, and many can charge magicite with a touch. In spite of their stature and demeanor, they have worked themselves into the culture and economy of The Realm, and are indispensable to any kind of arcane creations.

Halflings – It is suspected that halflings are family to elves as gnomes are family to dwarves, but with the loss of elven culture, there isn’t anything sure about them. Halflings have a hard lot in the world, being physically inferior to the tall races, and without the technical gift of the Gnomes. Craftyness, sleight of hand, and deception are the gifts of halflings, and they have had trouble putting them to honest use. Halflings tend to congregate wherever humans are, though there are many who wander in great caravan parades all across the countryside.

Common Races

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