A Quick Summary of Concordia

This is a tale of a land long ravage by war, and just starting to come out of slumber.

Approximately 450 years ago, The Great War between good and evil came to an end, the land ravaged and destroyed from magical conflict. With ravaging dragon fire, and the indifferent minds of inevitables, a new order was brought to the world, The Draconic Accord.

The Dragons have since left, but their machinations continue, as society thrives and grows according to their teachings.

At the center of a massive battlefield, where the Accord was signed, lies the Free City of Concordia. Here is where the world trades, and the surviving races work together to for greater peace and pocketbooks. It is a hub, connected the five nation states together.

To the North, lies Volska, a realm of hills fading to glacial mountains, the ancestral home of Dwarves and Gnomes, master builders and craftsfolk.

West of them is Sukarno, a half submerged land of jungles and marsh. Ruled over by the Arch-Lich Vahria, it is a land of Undead, though Drow are rumoured to live in it’s unexplored jungles.

Stretching far across the south is the Sultanate of Al-Kharesh, an endless desert, home to riches, magic, and strange fables. Many have tried to map and tame the sands, but it’s whispers drive men mad, or worse.

Southwest is the Empire of Reme, a militaristic nation state ruled by a General-Emperor, further west lies a massive expanse of wilderness, full of strange beasts like the sphinx and manticore

Finally, to the northwest is Alexandria, ruled by a pontifical council from the Pearl Castle. A land of castles and knights, nobility and commoners. The original home of humanity, many of it’s forests are filled with woodland spirits, though the current religious authority seeks to wipe them out.

It is roughly 1800 Kilometers from the Juno Cannon at the northernmost tip of Volska, to the southernmost journal of Al-Kharesh, and a similar span wide.

The world runs off a material called Magicite, a stone that absorbs and conducts magic. From animated statues to airships, potions to guns, much of the industrialisation of the world runs off of Magicite.

As mighty mages were a big cause for the war, the Accord formed The Ark. The Ark is a mages guild, and repository for all information. It is law that all magicians join the Ark, and that their services are contracted out. Mages can not hold positions of political power.

The world is still recovering, and there are many ruins, temples, and dungeons waiting to be explored. The Reclaimers are an association of adventurers, out to rediscover what has been lost to war and time.

Modern currency uses coloured beads, strung in lengths of 10, and loops of 100. Old coins of gold and copper are easily traded to beads, though exchange rates may vary.

As powerful magics have been lost, and the mightiest of mages killed in the war, there is not much high level magic left. The head mage of The Ark, for example, is known to walk the 7th sphere of magic, and the High Pontiff of Alexandria has broken the 5th seal.

A Quick Summary of Concordia

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