Master craft items are based on the alignment of the crafter.


Masterwork weapons are made by Lawful crafters, those than spend years of dedication learning all the secrets and techniques of their craft. Weapons are of exceptional materials, perfectly balanced, and honed to a perfect edge, granting +1 to attack rolls.

Ornate weapons are made by Neutral crafters, who craft things as a trade, or as a skilled artist who has the eye and talent for beautiful things. Ornate weapons are often bejewelled, with engraved blades, fantastically decorated hilts or made of exotic materials. Ornate weapons always sell for their full value, as their worth is not found on the battlefield.

Savage weapons are made by Chaotic crafters, made for function over form. Favoured by orcs, savages and killers, savage weaponry often has extra blades, spikes, or barbs to make their blows tear and gash their target, adding +2 to damage.

For a weapon to be magically enhanced, it needs to be Master Crafted in one way or another. Magical Ornate swords have impressive magical effects, such as hammers sounding like thunder, a blades they create wonderous magical trails., and as such, ornate magical weapons retain the full monetary value of their magical component as well. Magical plusses stack with the bonuses from Masterwork and Savage



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