Magitek Blasters!

weapon (ranged)

Here are the rules for the common types of guns.

Small Ammo does 2d6 damage, and costs 10gp per shot
Medium Ammo does 2d8 damage, and costs 20gp per shot
Large ammo does 2d10, and costs 50gp per shot
Small Seige Ammo does 3d12 damage, and costs 500 gp per shot
Medium Seige Ammo does 5d12 damage, and costs 3000gp per shot
Large Seige Ammo generally does plot damage, and shouldn’t be purchaseable by players

All guns do Force damage. All effects that negate magic missile, negate gunfire.

Recharging kept ammo is a first level spell, typically costing 10gp.

One-Handed Firearms Cost Ammo Critical Range Capacity Reload Weight
Pistole 1000gp Small x3 20 1 Move 3lbs
Hold out* 2500gp Small 19~20 10 1 Move 3
Revolver 4000gp Small x3 20 6 Full Round 4lbs
Duelling Pistol 4500gp Small 18~20 40 1 Move 3lbs
Hand Cannon 4000gp Medium x4 15 1 Standard 4lbs

Two-Handed Firearms Cost Ammo Critical Range Capacity Reload Weight
Long rifle 1500gp Medium x3 40 1 Move 12 lbs
Repeater 6000gp Medium x3 40 5 Full Round 15 lbs
Broadrifle* 3000gp Medium 19~20 15 1 Standard 15 lbs
Lance rifle 6000gp Medium x4 60 1 Standard 13 lbs
Great rifle 2500gp Large x3 40 1 Move 12 lbs
Beast Tamer 8000gp Large x3 40 3 Full Round 15 lbs
Storm Gun* 4000 Large 19~20 20 1 Standard 25 lbs
Dragon Piercer 8000gp Large x4 80 1 Move 12 lbs
Bombadier** 6000gp Large x2 20 1 Full Round 10 lbs

*These weapons shoot a spray, Instead of -2 to hit per range increment, they take -2 to damage per range increment. They are typically heavier, and cheaper as well.

**The Bombadier lobs an energy ball at the target, exploding in a 5 foot (3×3) radius. DC 18 half damage to the surrounding squares.


Arcane guns were one of the secrets handed out by the Inevitables during the Draconic Accord. Requiring the resources of man and mages, these elegant weapons were designed as symbols of status to those who kept the accord.

Each one is painstakingly handcrafted by a master artisan, with the secrets of repeating firearms known only to a select few. Made primarily of magically infused wood, mithral runes, and an adamantine barrel, they are expensive to make and maintain.

The magicite slugs are handcrafted to specific standards, then charged by a mage. There is no other way of automating the process, though there are no shortage of low-level adepts willing to charge a gunslingers ammo for a price. When the trigger is pulled, the magic of the slug is expended in a bolt of force. Typically they are red, but if requested, a mage can charge a slug with any specific colour.

Though the bolt travels incredibly fast, the magic rapidly dissipates, deteriorating at ranges far shorter than a bow or crossbow. The weapons have no recoil, though As well, they are not silent, creating a loud discharge as the energy is released. Larger charges require time to “bind” to the weapon in preparation for firing.

Magicite slugs are by default charged with force, but a 2nd level spell can charge them with a particular element, dealing fire, acid, cold, or lightning damage. In addition, rare and exotic ammo can be found throughout the lands.


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