Welcome to my Game World. It doesn’t have a name, as I am terrible with names.

It is a world of mystery and adventure, of a land rocked by a apocolyptic war, and still in the throes of recovery. Ruins of old cultures, mysterious treasures, and magical anomalies pepper the lands, while politics, plots, and questionable morality fill the cities.

The game places more emphasis on the Law/Chaos axis of things, as opposed to the more traditional Good vs Evil. There are many organizations within the world that the players can interact with, and some reading about The Ark and the Reclaimers is encouraged, as they are two organizations you will interact with.

Magic is widespread, but low power. There are not many high level mages around, though there are many powerful artifacts out in the wilds. There is an ore called magicite, that can store and channel magical energy, that allows many clockwork type devices to work, and thus there are a lot more magic in the world than just mages.

Dragons are uncommon, though it is with them that a pact for peace was signed. With Law came Order, but the Dragons have not been seen since. Some say they have left us and moved on, and some say that they live among us, shapeshifting as lords and peasants. Both and neither may be true…

We are using the Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, Magic, and Equipment. As well, I will allow things from 3.5 on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Shadows and Sky

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